Touch My Soap

Made by hand. For your body.

An upscale all natural, handmade soap company.

Starting with a name that all but speaks, and the desire for bold marketing, set the stage for an identity that approached that of high fashion. High fashion soap is a crowded market. An identity was needed that could stand up against provocative photography in the marketing, yet be memorable and family friendly when applied to the product on the shelf.

Sometimes you work forever and just draw a blank. Many early ideas were too edgy, with inspiration from mythology and bath houses throughout Europe, or dull as a result of trying to dumb those images down. Others simply didn’t stamp well into soap. I was stumped and decided to take a break from inspiration.

In the end what you’re looking for is often right under your nose, often part of your daily routine. A rubber duck that I’ve had since childhood. Obviously…

The duck served as inspiration through many iterations on the journey to the final identity. In the end emerged a pure and simple logo that worked on bags, boxes, paper, stamps, engravings, molds, etc. The duck is a pattern that can be applied to anything in any color or size desired. ∎

Touch My Soap Bag