Take me home tonight. Discover something new tomorrow.

Connecting the discovery of music and food throughout the festival to the exploration of related music and food for the rest of your life.

Designed and built in less than 18 hours for Outside Lands to solve the problems people currently experience at festivals. Designed to work at the festival where bandwidth and attention is limited. Designed as a linear timeline allowing you to see what act is up next and at what stage. Vote them up or vote them down. And don’t forget to do the same for food and merchants you find at the festival. Go home to sleep for the night and hopefully get an internet connection back. Your preferences are uploaded and a selection of events you may like for the next day are returned to ease the morning before you squeeze onto a crowded bus and get your fix of Philz to start the day… If you didn’t know what to listen to or where to eat, now you do.

Festivals are amazing but it’s often hard to follow up with both the music and local eateries we found at the festival. With so many options it’s hard to remember who you saw after and more importantly, the things you missed because of conflict or because you didn’t even know they were there, but they were. Now you have a record of your experience to follow up with. ∎

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Festival App

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