As unique as your skin.

A skincare company producing products that result in the healthiest version of ones skin.

Designing a logo to symbolize a product like Arjarun is daunting task. The skincare industry is overrun with new products promising miracles of this and that. The design has to be as honest as the product and “not attempt to manipulate the customer with promises that cannot be kept.”

Iconography feels ill fit given this guiding principle. And the current brand-scape has as many typefaces as it has infomercials. So the hopes of starting with a commercial typeface would result in a logo neither distinct or memorable enough to do its job.

The signature reinforces the founders name already behind the company. It also has the advantage of avoiding the lab, infomercial or overly brandy look that often complicates one’s ability to build trust.

Pieces of a Signature
Handwriting Sample

But personal signatures often present visibility and adaptability issues. So a custom script was designed from handwriting samples to ensure visibility and adaptability and all but guarantees to be distinct and memorable.

The signature is set lowercase, turning the signature into a ribbon that can be wrapped around bottles, tubes, boxes, bags, etc. This decision also allows the “a” to repeat and reinforce spelling.

Five colors are used to represent the different product lines by skin types.

Primary 01
Primary 02
Primary 03
Accent 01
Accent 02

The final identity is presented below on stationary designed for the company. Eventually its application will grace boxes, bottles and buildings. ∎

Arjarun Jar Concept
Arjarun Stationary