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Who I am

The Italian with the curls.

I'm Brian, a design leader with over 20 years of experience applying my craft across products, services, teams and companies. From small agencies to the many years I worked at Apple and beyond, I’ve been forever focused on surprising and delighting people.

I believe that good design comes from a consistent, honest design language that gets out of the way and emphasizes the usefulness of a product, thereby empowering self-expression and enjoyment.

In my spare time I can mostly be found creating something with my hands, making lists, curating contents in libraries, listening, exploring, discovering music and mentoring young designers. I might even be obsessing over which paper to use for my next letter or card right now… yes, I still use and love paper!

Photograph by Jessica Lehrman
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What I do

Neat things.

  • Creative Direction

  • Process and Culture

  • Product Strategy

  • Experience Design

  • User Research

  • Service Design

  • Brand and Identity

  • Voltron (Curious yet?)

  • … (also good with a hammer)

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Where I be

Welcome to paradise.

For those who come to San Fransokyo.
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

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I get around.

On the Internets you can connect with me or fork the things I build. But if you really want to get to know me, let's do espresso.